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The SL Green leadership team is consistently raising the bar for commercial office space and the tenant experience. We are committed to thoughtfully maximizing value for our shareholders while keeping environmental, social, and governance principals at the forefront of our business strategy.

Marc Holliday

Marc Holliday

A message from our Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Marking two decades as a publicly traded REIT, I am focused on SL Green’s commitment to corporate sustainability now more than ever. As we approach a new era of sustainability where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) decisions are inextricably linked with economic performance, SL Green is poised to be an industry leader. Our collective vision is using capital to generate productive, sustainable outcomes while limiting future risk to people and planet. Leveraging key ESG indicators identified by our investors and stakeholders, SL Green has assembled a portfolio that creates long-term value with a positive impact to society.

“SL Green’s collective vision is using capital to generate productive, sustainable outcomes while limiting future risk to people and the planet.”

Marc Holliday
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Today, no organization is more committed to meeting the dynamic needs of New York City’s community than SL Green—a homegrown company that is unsurpassed in demonstrating leadership in both financial performance and social responsibility. SL Green’s strategy is aligned with future resiliency of New York City as we meet citywide carbon reduction goals, deploy cutting-edge technology, and operate around the transportation hubs that are at the heart of the city’s vitality.

As a native New Yorker, it is of the utmost importance that SL Green’s portfolio propagates the collective vision of New York City as a united community. Together, we will transform the built environment to mitigate climate change and provide a high quality of life for all New Yorkers.

New buildings are reshaping the skyline while existing properties are being modernized and repurposed, all to perform at the highest levels of sustainability. Our vision for the most ambitious office tower in New York City has been manifested through the development of One Vanderbilt, where all design, construction, and operational elements prioritize environmental stewardship and societal responsibility.

Our unwavering commitment to New Yorkers is imperative to SL Green’s long-term business strategy. At SL Green, our vision is to build an environmentally and socially sustainable legacy for the city I love.

Marc Holliday
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
SL Green Realty Corp.

Laura Vulaj

A message from our Director of Sustainability.

Green buildings are no longer the exception, they’re the rule. At SL Green, we believe that a strategy for environmental stewardship must also address economic growth and development in order for it to be sustainable. As New York City’s largest commercial landlord, we can make a significant impact by stabilizing our carbon footprint.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that real estate owners and managers work in partnership with local and federal governments to shape policies that yield both environmental and economic benefits. But our vision alone won’t change the world.

Environmental challenges are best solved by encouraging human ingenuity and developing cutting-edge technologies. As a leader in commercial real estate, SL Green is committed to implementing best practices and operating at the highest efficiency standards to strengthen our community’s resiliency, while maintaining our responsibility to our shareholders.

For over 20 years, the fortunes of New York City and SL Green have been intertwined. Our company is built on the highest standard of integrity and a pioneering spirit. Together we can influence New York City’s environmental future.

Laura Vulaj
Senior Vice President and Director of Sustainability
SL Green Realty Corp.

Laura Vulaj

“Our environmental objectives must be equally balanced with our economic goals.”

Laura Vulaj
Senior Vice President and Director of Sustainability

Our People

Our stakeholders can count on us, and we lead by example in environmental, social, and governance leadership among real estate investment trusts.

“By managing our energy in real-time, we’re able to communicate with the Grid, our tenants, and ConEd, and equip our engineering staff with the ability to be responsive to the dynamic needs of New York City.”

Richard Currenti
Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering

“Central to SL Green’s mission to improve the city in which we invest is a conscious effort to minimize our carbon footprint.”

Evin Epstein
Assistant Director of Sustainability

“Operating with the highest sustainability standards and maximizing efficiency while ensuring tenant comfort is always the primary goal.”

Ralph DiDomenico
Chief Engineer of 11 Madison Avenue

“Over the past two decades, we have focused on market-leading sustainability initiatives by developing standardized operating procedures, completing energy efficiency projects, and implementing cutting edge technologies to maximize peak performance. As best-in-class operators, we remain committed to creating the most sustainable footprint to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.”

Meghann Gill
Senior Vice President, Operations

“We recognize that the materials we procure during construction have a large impact on SL Green’s overall carbon footprint. We are committed to implementing responsible sourcing practices in partnership with our suppliers to uphold our responsibility to our tenants and the city.”

Robert DeWitt
Senior Vice President, Construction

Our Tenants

We’re delivering real results for the people under our roofs and, through our energy-efficiency initiatives, we’re providing extra value.

“Our partnership with the SL Green team focuses on saving energy at the building level, which in turn allows us as tenants to do our very best to conserve natural resources. This is important to us because we’re partnering with an organization that has the same philosophy we do by promoting sustainability.”

Kim Schutz
Associate Director of Operations of KPMG

“Working with SL Green has allowed us to implement energy efficiency projects that, as a tenant, we did not anticipate in our build-out. For instance, they’ve recently installed variable frequency drives and, although this was an SL Green initiative, we worked collaboratively to understand the benefits. In fact, we accrue the energy savings from many of SL Green’s projects through the realization of lower energy bills.”

Robert Zelony
Vice President, Facilities of Sony